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Sustainability Journey of the Aegean Film Festival

What "Housekeeping" Means To Us

Following our Aegean roots, housekeeping is not just a chore; it’s the art of maintaining a resourceful and sustainable home. Our festival extends this philosophy to our operations and our commitment to the environment. The age-old practices of the islands, inherently circular, have been woven into the very fabric of existence long before it became a modern ethos.

Sweeping the Path: Our Past Initiatives

Environmental Innovation: We launched comprehensive environmental programs, expanded the Echoes initiative, established the Aegean Carbon Initiative, and forged crucial sustainability partnerships that have set a strong foundation for our environmental advocacy.

Sustainable Practices: We introduced the Festival Alliance for the Climate, prioritising up-cycling, minimising waste, and implementing a ban on single-use items, underscoring our commitment to sustainable festival experiences.

Tidying Up: This Year's Efforts

Carbon Accounting: We are meticulously tracking our carbon emissions and adopting the Energy Hierarchy framework to steer our operations toward greater sustainability.

Partnerships for Housekeeping: By collaborating with diverse organisations within cinema, festivals, and local Aegean ecosystems, we are deepening our knowledge and enhancing our collective impact on environmental stewardship.

Keeping the Home Bright: Our Future Goals

Zero-Carbon Ambition: We are setting our sights on achieving a zero-carbon footprint through pioneering sustainable technologies and renewable energy solutions.

Empowering Cinema and Communities: We are committed to fostering a global cinema movement and strengthening the resilience of Aegean communities through education, conservation, and sustainable development initiatives.

Expanding Influence: We aim to grow the Festival Alliance for the Climate, integrate responsibility across all festival dimensions, and leverage our platform for robust environmental advocacy and engagement.

Commitment to Global Goals

Adopting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals isn’t just a commitment; it’s a pathway we tread each year. Our focus on Climate Action, Life Below Water, and Life On Land transcends advocacy, embedding these goals into the fabric of our festival operations and community engagements.

“In collaboration with Fourthmore, we are embracing our responsibility of urban and marine stewardship. It’s our joy and pleasure to maintain a clean, tidy, and neat environment, ensuring our house is in good order as we guide and inspire others to do the same.”

Babis Tsoutsas, Festival Director

“I am thrilled about our partnership with the Aegean Film Festival. Together, we are setting new benchmarks for sustainability in the festival circuit, proving that environmental responsibility and world-class entertainment can go hand in hand.”

Sam Howard, Fourthmore

Sponsors and Partners

A heartfelt thank you to the organisations that share our vision and help us sustain it.

Support and Engagement

Housekeeping Initiatives Fund

Support broad sustainability goals of the festival, such as minimising waste, optimising processes to be more eco friendly, and implementing new technologies.

Education Outreach and Development

Donate towards education and community initiatives that leave a lasting positive legacy on the locations in which the festival visits.

Festival Innovation Fund

Financially support the continual improvement of the festival, covering digital aspects, full eco positive printing, carbon offsetting, reduced transport emissions and enabling venues to align with sustainability goals.

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