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2018 Archive


12 Days
JULY 2018

PATMOS 17 – 22 July
PAROS 24 – 29 July

See you soon!

Aegean Film Festival 2018

We will sail to Patmos and Paros with suitcases full of films, documentaries, shorts, and plans for great nights under the stars. Along comes friends and guests, filmmakers and artists, to join us for a twelve-day celebration of independent cinema and stories that need to be told… See you on the islands

Parallel Events

The Aegean Film Festival hosted the ‘Locadina Exhibition from the 1960s and 1970s. The exhibition showcased a private collection of 20+ original Italian Daybill posters from the European ’60s and ’70s film industry, including selected Greek and Italian films. The Italian Daybill, known in Italy as Locadina, is a unique poster format, famous for its film profile,  rarity, and vibrant artwork. The collection explored a variety of themes such as comedy, drama, and sexploitation. At the same time, the exhibition demonstrated how Italian poster artists helped shape the perceptions of controversial film subjects within mainstream society, during a time marked by civil and sexual revolutions.

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