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The island of Patmos, the birthplace of the Aegean Film Festival, is a remote and beautiful island in the south Aegean sea. The journey might be long, but allows the traveler to disconnect and get into the festival mood. It is all part of the Patmos Experience. Patmos is famous as the location where St John the Theologian received the visions found in the Book of Revelation of the New Testament, and where the book was written. As one of the quietest Greek Islands, the combination of the island’s natural beauty and UNESCO World Heritage monuments, have a profound impact on visitors and leave them deeply moved.


Spetses, also known as the Island of Fragrances, is a glamorous, car-free haven just two hours from Athens. Sitting in the heart of the Saronic Gulf, it is both rich in history and unbelievably beautiful. It is home to the Bouboulina Museum, the converted house of Greek War heroine, Laskarina Bouboulina, which will be one of the festival’s screening venues. The Agia Marina Beach will also serve as another extraordinary venue, as well as The Poseidonion Grand Hotel and Cine Titania. These cultural pillars of the island provide unique settings to watch films and documentaries as well as celebrate the history of Spetses.


Paros is part of the Cyclades group, located in the central Aegean. Used to be known as the ‘quiet heart of Cyclades’, Paros is now surrounded by a year round international community. For history lovers, the 13th century Venetian castle stands on the top of the hill in Parikia offering stunning views to the Aegean archipelago. For believers and design enthusiasts, a visit to the Byzantic church of Ekatontapiliani or a quick trip to Marathi’s marble mining galleries is strongly suggested. Paros’ traditional architecture, hidden gem-villages and golden coastline are a real life representation of the Cycladic culture waiting to be explored. The screenings in Paros will be hosted at Rex Cinema and Paros Park for six days.

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