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Support the Festival

The AEGEAN FILM FESTIVAL invites individuals & foundations to join our cause to promote and support young and upcoming storytellers, independent cinema, as well as our efforts to highlight pressing environmental issues.

We need your help to continue supporting the Stories, the Artists, the Islands and the Festival that brings them together.

We are a small team of 50 – 60 festival “nomads”, curators and artists that dedicate our best energy and resources to organise this little gem of the Aegean. More than half of the team is volunteering or offering their skills for free while, in order to complete the funding of every edition, individuals and foundations help us with funds and services in kind. All of the executive board members are offering their services for free as they consider the festival their own responsibility and contribution to cinema.

Your support is necessary so we can cover fees for the programming and production teams, rent equipment, give out awards, promote the work of participants, build cinemas, host filmmakers, volunteers or crew and cover travel expenses for the Juries.

The AegeanFF 2024 will take place in Patmos 18-26 of July and Serifos 12-14 of September

Please find below 6 indicative categories along with a contact form so our development team can reach out to you.

Venue Sponsor

Towards the building of a venue – €5.000

Become one of our celebrated Venue Sponsors and help us set up a unique open air cinema by the sea, where we’re going to screen some of the festival’s premieres. presented by their directors.

Your name will be mentioned together with the supported the venue, i.e., “Skala Open Air, powered by [name]”

Check out the festival venues

Event Host

Towards hosting an event – €10.000

Become the host of honour of one of the parallel events of the festival, including the Opening or Closing Party, Art Exhibition, Filmmakers Dinner, Echoes Lunch or other (exclusive).

Your name will be mentioned together with the supported event, i.e., “Opening Party, hosted by [name]” and is exclusive to one host per event. 

Check the 2023 public events

Sustainability Champion

Towards real environmental impact – €12.000

By sponsoring the sustainability projects of the festival you bring immediate and measurable impact, protecting and restoring ecosystems of the Aegean sea. Those projects include re-wilding, poseidonia protection, up-cycling of festival materials to new memorabilia, the war against plastic, wildlife conservation campaigns and of course our effort to make the festival carbon neutral. Additionally, we fight to amplify awareness through education, culture and the excitement that film creates.

Your name will be mentioned together with the supported projects, i.e.,  “Patmos Re-wilding project, powered by _____” and you will be invited to attend and present with us all of the sustainability activations.

Presenting Patron

Towards an official programme – €15.000

To support the activities of a whole programme like the Echoes Environmental Docs, the Documentaries programme, the Features programme, the PopUps or the Shorts programmes (non-exclusive). 

By sponsoring the festival programmes you can be associated with the official content, films and directors participating.

Your name will be mentioned together with the supported programme, i.e.,  “AegeanFF Environmental Echoes Programme, powered by [name]” and you will be invited to attend and present with us all the activities of the sponsored programme.

Award Patron

Adopt a seahorse – €20.000

Power one of the 6 annual awards as well as the making of the seahorse statuette handed to the winning filmmaker.
Your name will be mentioned together with the award and will be engraved at the base of the statuette, i.e., “Best Aegean Short Film powered by [name].
The sponsorship level is limited to 6 per year and exclusive to one patron per award.

Read more about the making of the Seahorse Award

Patron of the Arts

Power the Festival – €50.000

Become one of our celebrated Patrons of the entire edition of the Aegean Film Festival.

A Patron of the Arts supports all programmes, events and initiatives, throughout the year and is offered a seat on the Advisory Board. You can also suggest a film or a guest to the programming team to be considered for a special PopUp screening (out of competition). 

Your name will be mentioned together with the major sponsors in all festival communications, i.e., “Aegean Film Festival, made possible with the support of [name].

We are looking forward to presenting together the next edition of the Aegean Film Festival

The festival is a non profit organisation registered in Greece, under the auspices of Unesco, the Ministry of Culture, the Greek National Tourism Organisation.

We are grateful and proud to acknowledge our Patrons.
Over the past 15 years with your generous contributions we were able to support filmmakers, give awards, invite and host acclaimed artists, organise winter editions for the residents, promote important independent voices.


€20,000 +
Assia Grazioli & David Schiff
Babis Tsoutsas
Dorotheos Samoladas

€5,000 – €20,000
Anna Wenneker
Eva & Christos Kittas
Euclid Antoniades
Manolis Vitsaksakis
Marianna & Stavros Tsoutsas
Maria Birbili

€1,000 – €5,000
Anahita De Vito
Aris Samoladas
Christina & Sotiris Nossis
Christos Fragos
Daniela De Camaret
Dimitri S.
Eleftheria Xanthopoulou, Antonis & Dr. Kurt Schwarz
Gina Varela
Holly Leuders & Venetia Young
Lebot Family
Lorenzo Piaget
Lydia Neely Martin
Maria Wenneker
Maria & George Boyes
Melanie Dalacouras
Niloufar Bahtiar
Natassa Samolada
Olga & George Votis
Roberta & Arthur Sandeman Houghton


up to €1000
Marianna Boikou, Spyros Triantafyllos, Stamos Triantafyllos, Lolita Koutoudi, Paris Xanalatos, Vasilis Bourantas, Giorgos Nikopoulos-Exintaris, Jason Lapkin, Colin West, Michael Peraticos, David Gundry, Alexander Setzer-Rubruck, Dimitrios E.Beskos, Rhana Loudon, Sabrina Tricarico, Mia Blu Missfeldt, Arthuros Mangriotis, Natalia Katifori, Marina Paseau, Bryan Johnson, Yanni Andreopoulos, Bill Themelides, Angeliki Polemi, Lisa Papadogeorgaki, Markos Komondouros, Petra Hermanns, Andreas Chatzidakis, Achilleas Xynopoulos, Bruce Jacobs, Michael Dalacouras, Kostis Maraveyas, Monica Von Pickartz, Dagmar Siegel
Stephanie Contomichalos, Drakakis Petros, Greg Cokinakis, Jean-Marc Rusconi, Olivia Koerfer, Sofia Konstantopoulou, Alex Christoyiannis, Luisa Digeni-Tseriotis, Olga Paraskevopoulou, Linda Fridegotto, Marijane Andreopoulou, Irina Kertsikoff, Dimitris V. Takas, Andreas Silcher, Maria Carras-Woollard, Iris Nomikou, Magdalena Killinger, Wanda Benati, Christina Nomikou, Antoine Silber, Paolo Marinou-Blanco, Michael Iskas, Eric Schockmel, Clio Vidaki, Active Accents, Angeliki Kornelatou, Stelios Sartzetakis, Lucy Daniels, Rafa Pavon, Atanase Tsolkas Ververois, Maria Sinouri, George Zestanakis, Klaus Schubert, Jenny Yancey, Dan Siegel, Vassilis Vassilis, Jacob Moe and Cassandra Celestin, Dimitris Takas, Nicholas Croft, Chrysoula Athanasopoulou, George Levitikos, Lilly Papagianni, Kristina Jervell-Pettersen, Elena Kitta, Marios Georntamilis, Vicky Barboka, Tomasz Werner, Nikki Adams

Help us continue our mission. 
Please reach out to [email protected] 
There are many options on how to join the Festival Members.

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