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Passes are open! 
Individual tickets open 10 days before the festival...


10 €

Individual tickets  

  • Individual Tickets for Films, Documentaries, Events and Workshops can be booked. online, through the Festival Office or at the Festival Venues.
  • Individual ticket sales open 10 days before the festival. 
  • All tickets can be booked up to one hour before the screenings.
  • There are available discounts for students, kids (under 12), unemployed & people with disabilities. Please apply at the Box Offices of the venues or the Festival Office on the islands.


70 €

Buy 10 tickets – Get 3 for free

  • Get up to 10 reservations for one or multiple screenings of your choice.
  • They are transferable so you can invite friends and family to enjoy the festival together.
  • Use your Bundle to reserve tickets from 10 days before the festival either online or at the box offices on the island.
  • You don’t have to reserve all the tickets at once. You can always log-in to your account and reserve the remaining ones at a later date.


250 €

The Full Festival Experience

  • Reserve a ticket to any screening of your choice (Up to 10 pre-bookings & unlimited free access through the waiting lines).
  • Get priority booking for screenings and ticketed events, 30 days before the festival.
  • Priority booking for the Opening Night.
  • Invitation to the Awards Closing Ceremony.
  • Invitation to the Closing Party.
  • A limited edition Festival Tote Bag and Catalogue.
  • A welcome drink at one of the festival venues.
  • 15-30% discounts on accommodation, affiliated restaurants, bars and rentals.


1200 €

2 x Festival Passes & Donation

  • A double Festival Pass valid for two people.
  • Two (2) seats reserved on your name until 10 minutes before every film. No need for ticket reservations.
  • Transferable to friends or family.
  • Invitations to all public, private and special events.
  • A limited edition Festival T-Shirt, Tote Bag and Catalogue.
  • 15-30% discounts on accommodation, affiliated restaurants, bars and rentals.
  • A big Thank You on the festival media as a Patron of the Festival.
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