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Cookie Policy

Last Update: 19th of June 2022

Browsing this website you accept the use of cookies according to the following cookies policy. You can also read our Privacy Policy.

1. Cookies: What is it?

Cookies are small text files which which are created and stored in the User’s web browser. In those small files, small pieces of information is stored that it will be used for various functionalities of the website. One simple use of a cookie is the session cookie, which is used for the session created between the user’s web browser and the webserver.

2. The cookies used on aegeanff.com website are of the following types:

Functional cookies: Those cookies allow the website to offer specific functionalities to the users, such us the ability to login, to make purchases and can not be activated.

Analytical cookies: Those cookies are anonymous and are used by analytical tools such as google analytics. These cookies are not necessary but are helping us to analyze and understand better the quality of our website and make improvements for better user experience

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