2016 Workshops and Seminars

During the festival we host a number of workshops and seminars for the audience, guests and filmmakers present in Patmos. Those are…


by Tassos Boulmetis, Alexandra Boussiou, Agata Darlasi and Greg Cokinakis

The aim of this seminar is to showcase how to professionally pitch a script in order to attract development finance (Producer, or TV channel).

A screenwriter, a director, a producer and the head of movie channels of OTE TV share all the necessary techniques that will make a screenplay competitive in the market.

Tassos Boulmetis

Tassos Boulmetis is the writer and director of “A Touch of Spice”. The film has been presented in several festivals in the world including TRIBECA Film Festival and Karlovy Vary and was Greece’s official entry in the Academy Awards of 2005. In 2009 he became the first president of the Hellenic Film Academy. He just completed his third feature film “Notias”.


Alexandra Boussiou

Alexandra Boussiou is the founder of the Production Company Wrong Men based in Athens and Brussels. Her last production Xenia, by Panos X. Koutras premiered on May 2014 in Cannes Film Festival, in the Un Certain Regard section. She is also a member of the European Film Academy and of the Greek Film Academy.


Agata Darlasi

Agata Darlasi is a screenwriter, director and film educator. For the past three years she collaborates as a Guest Lecturer with the Film School Westerdals in Oslo and she is the Seminars & Workshops Director of the IFFP. She is also the creator of Storylab, a Filmmaking Workshop for Children and Young People.

Greg Cokinakis

Greg Cokinakis was the director of the International and Greek Programming Department of Nova and the director of the Co-production Department for the Greek and European films and he supervised more than110 film co-productions. The last three years he is working on OTE TV as OTE Cinema Channels & VOD Section Manager

Where: Patmos Aktis Conference Hall – Patmos

When: 23 July 2015


by Lefteris Charitos


Through a short journey on what documentary really stands for, we will unmask the new dynamic aspects of what we call web documentary. We will see how interaction helps in low budget film production and how all the major documentary financiers (ARTE, BBC) are demanding that contracts include cross media and social media platforms.

This new reality has brought a small revolution in story telling and understanding. The boundaries between fiction and reality have become blurred. Interaction with the internet viewer/user in addition to bringing new kinds of video content in terms of narration, also affects areas such as web design, which now play a leading role in the flow and structure of the story. The result is exciting. The future is already around us.

Lefteris Haritos

Lefteris Haritos works as a director both in TV and Film as well as in the educational sector for public schools and SAE Greece. He has directed short films, TV series and documentaries. He is best known for the fictional series Amina Zonis (2007) ERT (public channel) based on the acclaimed book of Petros Markaris, ‘1821’ a series of documentaries for SKAI, Schooltube (2012) a series of documentaries for ERT. Currently he is preparing a feature documentary in co production with ARTE called Dolphin Man and at the same time he is also preparing his first feature film with the working title Final Apocalypse 2.

Where: Patmos Aktis Conference Hall – Patmos

When: 23 July 2015


by Debbie McWilliams & Charles Weinstein

Acting coach Charles Weinstein and London casting director Debbie McWilliams will run a 2-day workshop for actors during the International Film Festival of Patmos 2015.

The participants must prepare a video audition that will be evaluated and improved during the workshop, aiming to improve actor’s internet audition skills for building an international career.


The workshop is open to actors and casting directors who are interested in an international career.



by Debbie McWilliams

The audience will watch scenes from some of Debbie McWilliams past films. Here she will discuss acting, auditions and how actors were cast for these roles.

Debbie McWilliams

Debbie McWilliams CDG is one of the UK’s leading Casting Directors. Debbie has cast some of the most successful films in recent years including all the latest Bond movies such as Skyfall and Casino Royale. Her other credits include feature films Take Down, Tiger Raid, The Silent Storm, An American Werewolf in London, My Beautiful Launderette and Caravaggio and Borgia and One Child for TV. Debbie is currently a committee member of the Casting Directors Guild, a member of the Academy of Motion Pictures and the Spokesperson for the International Casting Directors’ Network.



Charles Weinstein

Charles Weinstein has developed a solid technique for actors desiring to act in front of the camera. Through the Film Acting Paris Workshops he is working with French as well as international actors for more than 10 years.


Where: Patmos Aktis Conference Hall – Patmos

When: 26 & 27 July 2015

How: To reserve your seat it’s obligatory the «Festival Pass» purchase https://www.aegeanff.com/festival-pass/ & your CV, a photo and a video audition by e-mail at the: [email protected]


by Dodo Hunziker

In every documentary film, a “director” is listed in the credits. But what does it mean to direct a film that claims to be true? How can you transform reality to screen? How is authenticity preserved, when does it become fiction? Dodo Hunziker, director of “Tibetan Warrior” gives an insight into his own work as a documentary director on the example of his film, and reveals some secrets on the making of “Tibetan Warrior”.

Dodo Hunziker

Dodo Hunziker is a filmmaker / producer based in Bern, Switzerland, and co-proprietor of the production company DokLab. After studying graphic design, he started editing videos, resulting in a passion for documentary filmmaking. After several years of learning by doing, Dodo studied film in Prague has been directing and producing films for TV and cinema since 2006.


Where: Patmos Aktis Conference Hall – Patmos

When: 28 July 2015


by Jesper Jack

From a background in international financing and production of high-end documentaries, Danish producer Jesper Jack will share his company, House of Real’s, vision in making “sustainable” stories for a multitude of platforms  – from cinema over podcasts to the stage – and show excerpts from not yet released films to be released later this year. Participants are encouraged to bring ideas or ongoing projects for one-on-one consulation and feedback throughout the festival.

Jesper Jack

Jesper Jack is an award winning producer and co-founder of leading Scandinavian collective of non-fiction makers – House of Real – and a key player on the Danish doc scene. He has directed, edited, developed and produced documentaries and worked as a documentary film consultant at the Danish Film Institute where he commissioned more than 30 films – among them Academy Award nominated THE ACT OF KILLING and winner of best doc at Tribeca Film Festival. DEMOCRATS. Lately he has been the co-producer of Michael Moore favourite TWO RAGING GRANNIES and is currently working on films in Syria, China and Uganda.


Where: Patmos Aktis Conference Hall – Patmos

When: 28 July 2015


by Alexander Setzer-Rubruck


From his background as an entertainment lawyer, Alexander Setzer-Rubruck will give an introduction into the legal structures of film-producing, including


• the legal protection of intellectual and artistic work by the European copyright provisions;

• legal restrictions of the freedom of expression (i.e. Personal rights);

• financial aid from German and European film-financing institutions.

Alexander Setzer-Rubruck

Alexander Setzer-Rubruck is a Certified Lawyer for Copyright and Media Law in Frankfurt.

Since 1998 he specialized in Law for Copyright and Media Law focusing on consulting for Publishers, Agencies, Producers, Writers and Artists on all legal Aspects of the exploitation of their Work. From 2006 until 2011 he was also a member of the expert committee for copyright of the German Cultural Counsel.

Where: Patmos Aktis Conference Hall – Patmos

When: 28 July 2015

For the videos of casting workshop please click the link below followed by the password given you by IFFP.
Here is the stop motion video created by our little friends. The kids attended our workshop and learned creating stories with the techniques of stop motion. Great job everyone!
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