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Instructions for the Treasure Hunt:


Goal: To open the treasure chest.

In summary: On the first three days (25th-27th), each team will gather points. If a team gathers the correct number of points, it will be eligible to participate in the search for the lost key on the final day, Sunday, July 29th.


Teams of 2-5 people.

Duration: 25 / 7 / 2013 – 28 / 7 / 2013 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
The above days are separated as follows: 3 + 1

3 days, 25-27/7/2013 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday):

Search for answers to riddles and gather the required points to receive the map.  There is no common start time for all teams.

Each of the above days includes five riddles (3+2).

3 riddles about Patmos:

The teams must visit various locations in Patmos to solve the riddles. Each team will hand in their answer on a special piece of paper. These riddles will concern the island of Patmos and its relation to film.

This round has a total possible score of 45 points, with every correct answer being worth 15 points.

2 riddles about the IFFP:

A)   The first riddle will relate to the history of the IFFP.

B)    The second riddle will concern a specific film from the festival or seminars.

This round has a total possible score of 40 points, with every correct answer being worth 20 points.

(The first riddle will be given with the Patmos riddles, whereas the second riddle will be given at the end of each film).

1 day: 28/7/2013 (Sunday, with a common start time for all groups.)

The goal of the day is to find the SINGLE key which opens the treasure chest. The team which finds this key will win.

Teams which have gathered at least 150 points in the previous rounds will have the possibility to participate in the search for the lost key.

Teams will be notified of the location and start time for the search.

If a team does not accumulate enough points, it will be at a disadvantage, time-wise.

The riddles will be presented daily at the Festival Office, and will be posted on the IFFP website. The solutions will be revealed at the end of each day, after the film which the final riddle concerns.

Teams may sign up for the Treasure Hunt even if they have missed the first day of the game. These teams will be given the riddles from the previous days, allowing them to accumulate enough points for the final day. A team can gather up to 65 points for each missed day, leading to a total possible score of 215, including an extra 20 points for the previous day’s film question (65+65+85=215).

For more information, contact:

Pentes Theologos 697 777 24 55,  [email protected]
Yiannis Mikellis 698 726 14 45

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