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Echoes – Voices Of Today | Paros, 9-14 July 2019

Echoes – Voices Of Today | Paros, 9-14 July 2019
It is with great pleasure that we announce the 3rd edition of the special program of the Aegean Film Festival, this year titled Echoes – Voices of today, hosted at the Environmental & Cultural Park of Paros (9 – 14 July) (https://www.aegeanff.com/echoes-program/).

Part of the Festival’s mission is to educate the youth, help the development of sustainable concepts and connect scientists with filmmakers, for the creation of compelling stories. Trusting the power of ideas that flourish when people of different backgrounds meet and collaborate, in a non-competitive environment, we are adopting a positive outlook on the environmental issues, set the framework and invite you to join us to present new, exciting, but feasible solutions.
In practice, ‘Echoes’ is an international programme for filmmakers, writers, scientists, philanthropists, environmentalists and opinion leaders. It consists of documentary screenings, Q&A’s, presentations, workshops, dinner events and concludes with an annual sustainability summit. Aegean FF’s vision is to create a model that can be replicated internationally, with global impact and
immediate implementation.

Program Structure
During the first 6 days of the festival in Paros, between 9th – 14th of July 2019, the well-rounded schedule of events includes:

• 6 documentary premieres, screened in the purpose built open-air cinema of the Paros Park followed by Q&A’s.
• Daily panels and keynote presentations by the invited experts.
• A workshop addressed to children titled “Dare to Imagine a Better Today” will take place with the collaboration of the impact producers of the “2040” documentary.
• A dinner for the participants of the program, designed and prepared by awarded chef Nadia Farra, who will combine her knowledge of haute cuisine with Paros’s local experts. Preceding the dinner, local producers will introduce their products.
• To complete the week’s activities and move to the realisation of the project, a panel will take place in the Park’s amphitheater, addressing and encompassing four environmental issues: plastics, marine ecology, circular economy & water and a new vision for tomorrow & financing change.

Closing Panel
The programme’s final panel will function as an incubator for ideas that will be transformed into immediate action. The solutions generated will be evaluated and organised by the scientific team, while the results will be uploaded on an online community platform, for activation over the 9 months following the summit.
The Aegean Film Festival has an immediate commitment to become 100% sustainable and offset its carbon footprint by the end of 2022 !!
AegeanFF is organised with the support and co-production of the municipalities of PATMOS & PAROS, the REGION OF SOUTH AEGEAN and under the auspices of UNESCO.
COSMOTE TV supports the 2019 Aegean Film Festival as a Principal Sponsor, continuing a six year partnership and contributing to the festival’s vision.
More press releases will follow soon, with detailed information about the festival’s events, Programming & Seminars Schedule, this year’s guests etc.
For more information, please visit the festival’s website,
www.aegeanff.com, or contact AegeanFF Press Office, at the following e-mails: [email protected] | [email protected]

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