This is a chance for young storytellers to imagine a better tomorrow and visualise it into an inspiring short documentary

After submitting a simple "idea form" you will gain access to the inspiration library we have built, watch documentaries on Waterbear and find a series of links and reading materials to help you develop it.

10 finalists will have the opportunity to join the Aegean Film Festival and present their idea to an internationally acclaimed jury.

The winning idea will be produced with a budget of € 25,000 and the help of WaterBear’s production team.The winning short documentary will then premiere at the Aegean Film Festival and other affiliated festivals before it will get distributed by WaterBear.

What’s more,  you can all become a part of the growing community of young filmmakers, activists and artists fighting to change the world and join the teams of WaterBear and the Aegean Film Festival.

2022 jury will be announced soon



Your idea turned into a WaterBear production.
Includes €25.000 worth of production services.


Winter and summer internship programmes
with the Aegean FF & WaterBear.
(London, Athens, Amsterdam & Bristol)


All finalists will receive a series of perks, plus AegeanFF Guest Passes and discounts to attend the festival. Perks will be announced soon.

Winners 2021

Grand Award: Barney Weston - Football for the Future
Grand Award: Oliver Rilay - A Dream of Simplicity
Runner Up Awards - Internships with AegeanFF and Waterbear: Yasmine Ellis, Cassidy Keola, Carter Kirilenko


Head over to WaterBear to inspire and immerse yourself in a library of award-winning documentaries and shorts to research your story.
At the Aegean Film Festival
10 finalists will have the opportunity to travel to the Aegean islands in Greece for the final stage of the competition. As an official guest of the festival, you will have access to films and parallel events. Before the awards ceremony you will have the chance to present your idea in front of the jury. If you cannot make it to the islands, don't worry, online pitching will also be available.
Echoes Programme
Echoes is an international summit that brings together award-winning filmmakers, writers, scientists, philanthropists, environmentalists, entrepreneurs and opinion leaders over five days. The programme consists of documentary screenings, Q&A’s, panel talks, presentations and workshops, concluding with an annual sustainability summit. By assembling the knowledge, resources and communicators together in the same location, we aim to “fast-track” projects and amplify awareness about ways to make a positive impact.



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